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Terms and conditions

Last Modified: May 8, 2018


“Terms” refers to these Terms and Conditions as written in this agreement.
“Services” refer to the – the website, applications and offered services.
“Us”, “We”, or “Our” refers to Bitfunction Pty Ltd, offering these services.
These Terms defines your relationship with the services offered by us.
Make sure that you read these terms. They apply to anyone who accesses these services.
Use of these services affirms that you agree to these terms.


Needabill is a cloud-based invoice management and expense tracking platform. It gives you tools to track and analyse everyday spending. Users can log in their bills/invoices using the application. Also, via integrated services channeling data with user’s consent. These terms confirm your agreement to our privacy policy. Both also outlines the nature, collection, and use of your data by us.
Signing up confirms your consent to get the data via our channels and agree to our privacy policy.


These Services may be useful for the management of personal expense. But, they are not guaranteed to fit your particular circumstances. It is your sole decision to use the services as offered. We don’t hold any liability relating to your use of these services.


Following points outlines the acceptable use of offered services. We hold the rights to block or delete your account if you fail to comply.
You will not:
  • Violate the laws of New South Wales, Australia.
  • Perform any activity considered illegal by any other foreign or domestic entity.
  • Post or send any objectionable or offensive content.
  • Impersonate someone.
  • Provide incorrect information.
  • Attempt to compromise the security of the services and or it’s users.
  • Perform actions which can conflict with rights of any person or entity including us.
  • Let anyone else perform any of the above using your account.


These services and their brands are our intellectual properties. Use of our brand material by a third party, without our written consent, is not allowed.


Our services can have links to third-party services that are not owned or controlled by us. We use such third party links and applications to improve and deliver our services. We hold no liability for anything related to the content or use of those third party services.
We recommend that you read their terms and conditions before engaging with them.


We collect and use the data gathered through our services. You agree that we will use the data collected to improve our services and operations. We may link the collected data with data available from third-party sources. You agree and give us the right to reformat or reprocess the data using technology. Such derived data when cannot identify you as an individual will be a property of ours.
We will not disclose any data that identifies you as an individual, other than forced by law.
You give us the right to sell or trade the data that does not identify you as an individual. For usage of personal data collected please refer to our privacy policy.
We make no warranty for the accuracy or completeness of any property of the data we present to you. The data available to you or anyone else for that aspect is “as is”. We are not liable for any issues related to that data which is available to you through the services.


We or our associates are not liable for any damage resulting from:
  • content or use of our services
  • content or use of third-party services offered via our services
  • collected data or use of the data we collect
  • reformed data or use of data we create
  • any assumptions made on any of the above. Examples are not limited to but include security, quality, availability, and merchandising.
In all, we don’t provide any warranties or guarantees of any sort over any of our offerings. You accept that use of any of our offerings is at your own risk. And we provide everything on “AS IS” basis.
If any of these terms are unenforceable by a court, the remaining continue to be in effect.
We are not responsible for anything that is the result of events beyond our control.


We can interrupt or stop offering our services to you with or without prior notice. We will attempt to provide a timely notification in most cases. But there’s no guarantee to that.
Our liability to refund or pay you any amount of money will limit to only services bought but not delivered. But is exceptional for breach of an agreement of use. In such cases, we are not liable for any material compensation.
We will not be liable for any losses related to actions of other users or third parties to this agreement.


We can change these terms at any time. We will attempt to provide notifications, but can not guarantee it’s delivery. At any time after the new terms are in effect, use of our services always confirms that you agree to the terms. If you do not agree to the new terms, you are free to stop using the Services.


If you have any questions about these Terms, please write to us: