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Privacy policy

.Last updated: May 8, 2018


“Services” refer to the – the website, applications and offered services.
“Us”, “We”, or “Our” refers to Bitfunction Pty Ltd, offering these services.
We respect your privacy. We use your personal information for providing and improving our services.
By using our services, you agree to our privacy policy.
Unless stated, terms used here have the same meanings as in our Terms and Conditions.


For using our services, you provide information which identifies you as an individual. This is not limited to email address, name, or password. We use that information to improve our services and to communicate. There is also information that you provide to us on a voluntary basis.
The data you provide to us or we collect on your behalf remain your property. Exceptional to the case where we may process the data using technology. In such cases, all the data which can not be used to identify you as an individual becomes our property.


We use cookies and other technologies to identify you when you use our services. Most of the information we collect gets used in improving our services.
These technologies collect certain information, such as:
  • Information about your devices.
  • Content viewed, features used and your interactions with our services.
  • We use Google Analytics. Read their privacy policy for concerns related to collection and use of your data by them.
We do not respond to browser do-not-track signals at present.


We do not address concerns related to policies of third-party services. These may include links via our services, partners for certain services we offer. We may share your data with them for the operation of our offered services to you.
We recommend you to read through their privacy policies. We evaluate such third parties on the grounds of data and security. However, we can not take control or responsibility for use of data we provide to any third-party. We have no liability for use of such data by those services. 


We will not sell or trade data that can identify you as an individual. But, we may sell the data that will not identify you as an individual. We may disclose your personal information if enforced by law.


We take action in keeping our services secure. We use one-way hashing for the passwords if stored. We use strong end to end encryption for all communication with our services. We use the technologies that are best available to us in keeping the services secure.
But, we can not make any guarantees to the security or privacy of your information, more than the industry standard algorithms and measures that we use to keep our services secure.
We do not use vulnerability scanning and/or scanning to PCI standards.
Your personal information is always kept in secured networks. It is only accessible to certain people who also comply with this privacy policy.
We will use your personal information to send promotional content. You may opt out of such communications via optional link if provided or by writing to us at


To delete your data kept with us, you can write to us: And we will delete your data from our servers. This may take up to 30 days for us to take the action. Once done, we will be notifying you about the completion of your request.
Please note, we may need to keep some information for record-keeping purposes. We, also, can not guarantee that there will be no residual information that may not get deleted.


For questions about this policy, please write to us: