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An official needabill extension for the world famous e-commerce framework.

Needabill extension for Magento 2.2

Show your customers that you care!

Integrate our API into your store and give them the freedom to get their bills in one place they love 🙂


Connect with your customers

It's nice and simple. Needabill helps you connect with your customers. Send them shopping bills in their cloud account.

Plug and play

It's not much of a rocket science. And we've got everything covered for you. And Not to mention that we won't charge you for being a friend.

Happier customers

Amaze your customers! Send their shopping bills straight to their needabill cloud account. And they will love you for that gift.

It's one click effort!

Start now and we will sort things out for you. And give your customers added value of everything we have to offer. It's all free.

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Sign up via our merchant registration form and generate an API key to begin. And we will do everything to get you connected.

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Either install an extension for your marketplace or plug in our easy to use PHP, Java or JavaScript API. If there's no option for your technology, register and we will take care of things.

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